Why You Need a Regular Bagel Shop

bagel shop

In many ways, bagels are the perfect food. Delicious on their own or as the basis for your favorite sandwich, there’s never a bad time to have a bagel. If you love bagels as much as we do, you need to find yourself a regular bagel shop. If you’re still on the hunt for one, you’re in luck! At 7 Kingdoms Cafe, bagels are one of the delicious bakery items that we have on hand every day. Whether you need a good breakfast to kick off your day or you’re looking for something different for lunch, you can’t go wrong with a bagel.

Here are some tasty ideas to try after you swing by your favorite bagel shop.


The Classics

The go-to ways to top your bagel have stayed classics for a reason. We’re hard-pressed to think of something better than a warm bagel spread with butter. Well, maybe a fresh bagel with a good layer of cream cheese. This is why they’re the classics. They’re hard to beat. A happy addition to the classic bagel spread lineup is peanut butter (or your favorite alternative nut butter). It’s a delicious, easy, and portable way to consume some protein and get on with your day.


The Sandwich

One of the best things about bagels is that they can serve as the bread in any sandwich. What’s your favorite sandwich? Have you tried it on a bagel? The chewy texture and distinctive flavor of a bagel elevate any sandwich from good to great or great to fantastic. The best bagels are meant to be eaten at room temperature (if you can’t get them fresh out of the oven), so there’s no sandwich that they’re not perfect for. Warm or cold, whatever you like to put in your sandwich you can put on a bagel.


The Melt

Open-face and hot, there are few meals as comforting and delicious as a bagel melt. And there are as many ways to make one as there are people. But it’s impossible to go wrong with the classic pizza bagel. Put some tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni on that bad boy and you have a legendary lunch or easy dinner.

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Make 7 Kingdoms Your Favorite Bagel Shop

No matter how you like your bagels, get them from 7 Kingdoms Cafe! Bagels are a daily offering from our bakery items and are always a good choice for breakfast or lunch. Swing by your favorite bagel shop (that’s us!) and make good breakfast and lunch choices today.


Come visit us for coffee and a sandwich or breakfast burrito. We’re open Tuesday-Sunday with extended hours!

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