Mexican Sweets At Your Favorite Amherst Cafe? Oh, Yes There is.

When it comes to authentic Mexican cuisine, there are several local restaurants to choose between. However, when it comes to selecting an Amherst cafe that provides excellent coffee and authentic Mexican sweets – now that’s harder to find. That is until you visit 7 Kingdoms Café.


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In Spanish, concha translates to ‘shell.’ The name comes from the round, striped shape this traditional Mexican sweet bread takes once baked. However, the distinctive pattern is created using the unique process known as ‘proofing.’  Proofing refers to a step in the preparation of the yeast where the dough is allowed to rest and rise a final time before baking. During this rest period, yeast ferments the dough and produces gases, thereby leavening the dough. It is also during this process that the pattern is pressed into the dough, over the topping, using .

Oh, yes, we haven’t mentioned the crunchy topping of conchas. This combination of sugar, butter, and flour is truly the ‘sweet’ in the sweet bread. Although some bakers use the original flavoring, others add ingredients to provide strawberry, chocolate, and coffee flavors for the perfect twist. Eaten for breakfast or as an afternoon snack, concha is not one to bypass!


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If you’re in the mood for sweet and bread but not quite feeling the heaviness of bread, the cuernito is for you! This traditional Mexican croissant is similar to the concha in that it’s eaten for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. Also called ‘little horns,’ it is not uncommon for chocolate or fruit to be rolled into the layers of the croissant. When eaten plain, butter and jam make excellent complements, and (of course) a freshly brewed espresso.


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While these bread-like sweets are not what Americans typically think of when ‘sweets’ are mentioned, they are certainly ones to try. Light, yet satisfying. Sweet, yet not too sweet. Conchas and cuernitos are the perfect solutions, any time of the day, when you need that little pick me up – especially when paired with freshly made specialty coffee.


Next time you’re searching for an Amherst café to hit the spot, be sure to stop into 7 Kingdoms Café.  From authentic Mexican snacks to breakfast burritos and homemade bakery items, 7 Kingdoms has exactly what your craving is asking for.


Visit us today at 292 NH-101 in Amherst, NH, and experience what everyone is talking about!



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