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Did you know that April is National Brunch Month, or as we like to think of it, National Second Breakfast Month? (Wrong franchise?) Well, it is, according to whoever it is that gets to make these decisions. And at 7 Kingdoms Cafe, we’re happy that it is. Because we have a slightly different view of what brunch can be. Our view is something of an old-school view of brunch, before waffles and mimosas took it over. Not that we have anything against either of those things, of course.

Let’s take a look at the origin of brunch and how any day can be a brunch day at 7 Kingdoms.


It’s older than you think.

At least the word is, at any rate. The first time the word “brunch” appeared in the print was in the New York newspaper The Independent in 1895. In an article about Oxford University slang, Margaret B. Wright relayed a quote from a young man: “When a man makes lunch his first meal of the day it becomes ‘brunch.’” Now the word “brunch” conjures an image of millennials sipping mimosas on a Sunday afternoon, but they are a little late to the party. Their predecessors are the Oxford students of the late 19th century who missed the acceptable breakfast hours.


Any food can be brunch food.

So we’ve learned that the original brunch was just not getting around to your first meal of the day until lunchtime. That’s why we think there’s no reason to limit certain food to a specific time of day. So what if it’s one in the afternoon? Grab yourself a breakfast burrito if that’s what you’re feeling. And of course, we think you should have coffee all day long. Every time is a good time for coffee.

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Make brunch an everyday thing at 7 Kingdoms.

While you may not be an Oxford layabout from the 1890s, we still think there’s no reason to limit brunch to the weekends. Brunch can be as simple as waiting to eat until lunchtime. Whether you work a later shift or are just not a morning person, start your day with a breakfast burrito or a sandwich and coffee from 7 Kingdoms Cafe. Even if your day starts later than everyone else’s.


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