Are Coffee Beans Really That Different?

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Whether you’re an avid or a casual coffee drinker, you surely know that beans are a big part of what contributes to the flavor, aroma, and quality of the coffee. At 7 Kingdom’s Cafe, coffee is in our blood and one of our handcrafted beverages is the best way to start your day or get an afternoon boost. But what do you know about coffee beans? As the go-to coffee shop in Amherst, it behooves us to know our beans.

Check out these facts about coffee beans and then come get yourself a handcrafted drink and your favorite coffee shop in Amherst.



Do you make your own coffee and have a favorite brand or roast of beans that you always buy? If so, you probably just grab the bag off the shelf and don’t think twice about it. Odds are, those are Arabica beans. They are the most common type of coffee bean and make up a massive 60% of commercial coffee production. Despite their dominance of the market, the plants are difficult to cultivate. They need plenty of water, well-draining soil, consistent temperatures, and natural shade. In addition to those precise conditions, Arabica plants are also prone to fungal diseases.

Although Arabica plants are difficult to cultivate the beans are a favorite among coffee lovers because of their subtle and complex flavor profile. Compared to other varieties, it has a sweeter and more delicate flavor and is less acidic.



As you might have guessed from the name, the Robusta plant is more robust than Arabica. It is also more resistant to insects because of its higher caffeine content. Fun fact: caffeine acts as a natural insect repellent. (Though we doubt that it will work as bug spray.) Most Americans do not like Robusta because it has a very strong and earthy flavor. But for that very reason, it is the most common coffee bean in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East where strong brews are the norm. Robusta beans are the best for espresso and instant coffee.


Liberica and Excelsa

These last two get lumped together because Excelsa beans are in the Liberica family. They are both rare commercially because they require particular growing conditions and Arabica has the market cornered. Liberica beans had a brief moment when a blight took out most of the Arabica plants, but they bounced back and reclaimed their throne.

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