Coffee and Espresso: What’s the Difference?

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Coffee is a kind of a big deal for us at 7 Kingdoms Cafe, and we take our brews pretty seriously. Of course, any coffee shop needs to be serious about its coffee. Coffee drinkers are also serious about their coffee, so we have to do our best to deliver the perfect cup every time. But if you’re new to the world of serious coffee drinking or prefer just to enjoy it casually, you might have some lingering questions.

In this post, we’re going to answer a basic coffee shop question: what’s the difference between coffee and espresso?


How It’s Made

Espresso is a type of coffee, so the terms can get confusing right away. The main difference between the two is how you make them. There are multiple types of coffee beans, but any of them can be used to make either regular coffee or espresso. The first difference in making coffee or espresso is the grind of the beans. Regular coffee requires a coarser grind, while espresso uses very fine coffee grounds.

The next difference between making coffee and espresso is how the water passes through the ground coffee. There are several ways to make regular coffee, from French press to percolator to drip. Those methods vary in their execution, but they all involve coarser grounds and rely on gravity or soaking or both to make coffee. With espresso, you use less water, and the water goes through the fine grounds at high pressure. The result is a thicker, more concentrated brew.


Caffeine Content

When it comes to caffeine, the difference between espresso and regular coffee is not so much the amount as it is the concentration. Your average 8 oz coffee has anywhere between 85-185 mg of caffeine. A shot of espresso is about 1 oz and usually has 40-75 mg of caffeine. So despite having less caffeine per shot, you’ll quickly catch up with espresso because of the higher concentration. If you prefer your caffeine intake to be efficient, espresso is the way to go.


Make 7 Kingdoms Your Go-To Coffee Shop

There are plenty of reasons why people prefer espresso or regular coffee, but no matter what your drink of choice is, you can’t go wrong with one of our hand-crafted beverages at 7 Kingdoms Cafe. once you try one of our drinks, you’ll want to make us your go-to coffee shop!


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