Celebrate National BagelFest Day at Your Favorite Bagel Shop

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Did you know that there’s a National BagelFest Day? Well, since 1986, July 26th has been National BagelFest Day. If you’ve never heard of BagelFest, you’re not alone. It’s a five-day event that happens in Mattoon, Illinois. Murray Lender, the owner of Lender’s Bagels and the Bagel Factory, started the celebration as a free bagel breakfast. That grew into a five-day event celebrating bagels! While BagelFest may be in Illinois, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate at your favorite local bagel shop. And of course, the way to celebrate bagels is by eating them!

But what is the best bagel? Check out America’s favorite bagels and see if your tastes line up!



Coming in at number one is the everything bagel. Some people find the flavors a little too strong, but that’s also why so many people love them. What counts as “everything” depends on the bagel shop, but the basics are usually the same. Those ingredients include poppy seeds, sesame seeds, dried onion, dried garlic, and salt.



For something gentler than an everything bagel, sesame is an alternative that still has a lovely flavor. Sesame seeds give the outside of the bagel a bit of a crunch as well as a slightly sweet and nutty flavor. Toasted sesame seeds have an almond-like taste.


Cinnamon Raisin

The most “adventurous” bagel that you can still consider traditional is cinnamon raisin. The sweetness of both raisins and cinnamon work well with the slightly sweet flavor of bagel dough. With a generous spread of cream cheese, a cinnamon raisin bagel is a favorite on-the-go breakfast when you feel like treating yourself. 



Similar to sesame seeds, poppy seeds have a nutty flavor, but their flavor is much milder. Poppy seeds are often used as a topping more for their texture rather than their flavor. They give the outside of a bagel a pleasant crunch, plus just a little bit more flavor.



Made with rye flour, pumpernickel is an earthy, sweet, dark brown bread. The Polish Jews who invented bagels soon adapted pumpernickel bread into pumpernickel bagels and a bagel superstar was born. As a bagel with a stronger flavor, it’s not everyone’s favorite, but enough people love it for it to round out the top five.


Start Your Morning at Your Favorite Bagel Shop

Did your favorite bagel make the list? At 7 Kingdoms Cafe, bagels are an everyday staple of our bakery and we hope you’ll think of us at your favorite bagel shop! Whether you want a quick breakfast or a snack in the afternoon, we can’t think of anything better than a bagel.


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