7 Kingdoms Cafe: How Much Caffeine is Too Much?

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At 7 Kingdoms Cafe, we have the coffee selection you need to fight through any battle. However, for March, we’re diving into the health benefits of caffeine, as well as the risks. How much is too much, you ask? Keep reading to find out!

For the Love of Coffee

This is one battle cry we can get behind! Our coffee is as strong and determined as our warrior-selves (dare we say more?). Hot or cold, dark or light, our coffee will send you straight to medieval heaven. But we don’t just love coffee for its smell or taste–we love the benefits too! Caffeine has a plethora of health benefits. You can fight off fatigue after just one 8oz cup of coffee. According to this article, caffeine may be linked to lower risk in Type 2 Diabetes. This is because caffeine preserves the function of beta cells in the pancreas, which are connected to insulin production.

  • Did you know? Caffeine is rich in antioxidants, which is always a plus! Not only that, but caffeine may assist in protecting against certain neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

7 kingdoms cafe

Take it Slow

We know this one sounds like a contradiction, but trust us–regulating caffeine consumption is the best way to maintain a healthy source of energy. You might have just one cup of coffee a day, but what about that bottle of sugar-free green tea two hours later or that coffee-flavored ice cream you want to share with your roommate after dinner? Even if you think you’re only getting a cup’s worth of caffeine a day, the amount within food and beverage sources might surprise you. 

In total, the daily recommended dose of caffeine is between 3 and 5 8oz cups of coffee or 400mg of caffeine (this is not recommended for pregnant persons; always consult your doctor if you are unsure). According to this article, too much caffeine can lead to insomnia, increased risk of heart attack, and raised blood pressure. 

In Conclusion – Coffee at 7 Kingdoms Cafe

We always say you can’t have too much coffee, but not according to the experts! In conclusion, the best rule of thumb is to enjoy a cup or two of coffee (or tea!), and if you’re craving something with a jolt, try one of our flavorful and fresh fruit drinks! Fruit has natural sugar, and this is a healthy way to help you fight off that fatigue while quenching your thirst!

For those who need a caffeine-free kickstart, you’ll find our nutrient-rich fruit drinks do the trick. At 7 Kingdoms Café, we take great pride in offering prompt, friendly service to ensure your day stays on track. 

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