National Espresso Day is Coming to 7 Kingdoms Cafe!

National Espresso Day is on November 23rd, and 7 Kingdoms Cafe is can’t wait to celebrate! Here, we’re providing you with some fun facts about the drink that took the world over. At 7 Kingdoms, we specialize in making fun and delicious coffees, including several espresso options. Before you drink up, read into some of these interesting, fun facts!


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It’s all about the bean.

Just one shot of espresso needs about 50 coffee beans to make. However, if one bad coffee bean falls into that mix, it might end up ruining the taste of that whole cup.


Espresso in space.

In 2015, astronauts brought an espresso machine into space and carried it onboard the International Space Station so that they could brew fresh espresso while on board. Talk about some out of this world coffee!


The extraction process. 

A typical espresso machine uses up to 132 pounds per square inch of pressure to extract the coffee out of the coffee beans. Traditional drip coffee makers, on the other hand, use only gravity. 


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Espresso regulations?

In Italy, where the espresso drink was created is regulated by the Italian government. Why? Because there, it is considered to be an essential part of their daily life. 


Fat in coffee?

Brewed espresso has about 2.5% fat inside of it. Filtered coffees stand at about 0.6% fat. This is because espresso drinks are an emulsion. In other words, it is a liquid that is composed of saturated oils. 


Bean, roast, or brew? 

Technically, espresso is not the type of coffee bean or a particular type of roast. Espresso is the drink itself. It is the type of coffee brewing technique that uses high pressure and force. When the machine is pressing, nearly boiling water filters through the finely ground coffee for about 30 seconds resulting in an espresso. 



The word espresso translates to “to express” in English. Also, the word should be pronounced “es-press-so,” but the word is often incorrectly pronounced as “ex-press-so.”

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